Northern Lights Flights

Fascinated by the stars with the beauty and mystery they hold and eager to see the aurora borealis – more commonly known as the Northern Lights – firsthand? Then our Northern Lights adventures may be just right for you.

Join us for some unique and exclusive night sky odysseys, departing across the UK. From fascinating constellations and the stories behind them, to the famous phenomenal glow of the Northern Lights, these truly are special trips.

Our flights aim to eliminate some of the factors which may spoil a land-based aurora watching experience. Firstly, by flying to the northern edge of British airspace, at a height of 35,000–40,000ft (6.6–7.6 miles), we can position ourselves within sight of the location where the aurora normally occurs. At that height we are above the earth's weather systems, so there is no rain or cloud to impede a sighting. In addition, our viewing location is well away from man-made light sources, way up north near the Shetland Islands.

We plan the dates of our flights to coincide with darker times in the Moon's phases too – although very beautiful in its own right, the Moon is a source of natural light pollution and its presence can reduce the aurora's visibility.

Our expert astronomers will be available to talk you through the wonders that your flight will take you past as well as providing some interesting background information to the Lights themselves.

This natural wonder creates an impressive spectacle, so if you’d like a memorable trip, where you can learn, explore and experience something truly unique, then look no further.

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